Wheelchair Aurora 6

Rs. 16,551.00


Rs. 13,241.00

Karma Aurora 6 Aluminum Wheelchair  
Karma Aurora 6 Wheelchair Compact Aluminum Wheelchair, Foldable Back Rest, Flip Up Leg Rest, With Strap For Easy Lifting, Weight Of Wheelchair Aurora 6-13.8 Kg. Regular Sturdy Model, It Is An Extremely Comfortable Chair And The Patient Will Be Able To Sit In The Chair For Hours At A Time Without Any Discomfort.

  • Compact Aluminum Wheelchair
  • Foldable Back Rest
  • Flip-Up Leg Rest
  • Light Weight & Easy To Carry
  • Attendant Brakes

Karma Aurora 6 Aluminum Wheelchair Measurements

  • Weight: 13.8 Kg
  • Seat Width: 18”
  • Seat Length: 14"
  • Seat Height: 17"
  • Total Width in Open Position: 25"
  • Total Width in Folding Position: 14"
  • Total Length in Open Position: 38"
  • Total Length in Folding Position: 34"
  • Total Height in Open Position: 33"
  • Total Height in Folding Position: 27"
  • Back Height: 18"
  • Max. User Weight: 100 Kg


 Product Name

Aurora 6

 Frame Style


 Frame Material 


 Out to Out Width In Open Position 

25 Inches

 Seat Width

18 Inches

 Total Width in Closing   Position

14 Inches

 Rear Wheel Size

20 Inches

 Front Wheel Size

6  Inches

 Seat to Floor Height In

17 Inches

 Seat Depth

14 Inches

 Back height

17 Inches

 Total Height

36 Inches

 Max user Weight Capacity

100 KG

 Net Weight

14 KG







 Wheel Quality


 Rear Wheel Lock


 Hand Brakes


 Dropback Handle


 Wheel Type

Spoke Wheels

Note:-  This product will take approx 7 days to ship from the warehouse.

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