Rs. 600.00

Sebamed antidandruff shampoo is formulated with mild wash active substances to gently cleanse hair and scalp and dislodging dandruff flakes. This mild cleansing action without irritation and the adjustment of the formulation to pH 5.5 combines and balances the sebum production of the scalp. The active ingredient piroctone olamine present in the shampoo counteracts dandruff causing microorganisms and soothes irritation, prevents the formation and proliferation of dandruff causing bacteria on the scalp.

The pH value of 5.5 supports the regeneration of scalp’s acid mantle to stabilize its function. This stabilized condition of the scalp allows for the growth of healthy and shiny hair. The efficacious dandruff control properties of Sebamed antidandruff shampoo have been clinically tested. It is suitable for oily and dandruff prone scalp. It is available in soap and alkali free form.

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