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It is molded out of cross linked polyethylene foam. This foam has a very dense cell structure which imparts strength and rigidity to the soft cushion matrix. It is highly inert. Odorless,non absorbent and hypoallergenic in nature which makes it easy to clean and maintain and an ideal material for such applicants. The frontal and the rear splints are anatomically designed to support necks limit the flexion and hyper extension movement of cervical spine and provide very effective immobilization of the area. It is considered as a gold standard in cervical immobilization. The frontal opening enhances ventilation and thus the patient comfort and takes the orthosis compatible with tracheotomy. Per molded chin and the balloon design gives only a rim contact to the body without involving the neck surface which ensures rigid immobilization on one hand and enhanced comfort on the other two piece design with an inbuilt chin rest also helps in better immobilization. 


1 Cervical spondylitis. Post operative care of the cervical area.
Cervical vertebral fractures.
Burns care of the cervical region.
Extrication and transportation of the accident victims.
Post traction immobilization support.
All other Ortho and Neuro conditions requiring firm immobilization of the cervical region.

Use this product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor.
Discontinue use if pain,allergy,rash or itching starts and consult your physician.
Keep out of reach of children.


Foam, PP, ABS Nylon

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