Mee Mee Soft Nipple Baby Pacifier (Green/Blue)


Rs. 229.00


Pacifiers give babies oral stimulation, soothe them in between feeds, and also reduce the discomfort they experience during the teething phase. Mee Mee's Pacifier is especially useful for preventing tongue thrush and also acts as a supportive aid in developing your baby's shape of jaw and palate.

Key Features:

Made of 100% premium quality, soft silicone which is non-toxic and BPA-free.

Natural feel with soft elasticity similar to a mother's nipple, which makes it easier for the babies to latch on.

Supports the natural movement and positioning of the tongue and encourages oral development.

Very soothing aid when baby is irritable or cranky or unable to fall asleep.

A protective cover to shield from harmful germs, humidity and bacteria is provided.


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