Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with Lemon & Aloe Vera (30pcs) (Pack of 5)

Wet Wipes

Rs. 345.00


Babies have extremely soft and delicate skin and even if they are exposed to a moment of pollution or dirt, it can cause multiple damages to their skin. Mee Mee, best known for creating easy and convenient baby products, has come up with wet wipes. these wipes help you clean your little one easily soon after meals or while you are traveling in a public vehicle. Babies usually tend to play with water and often in the process, they end up catching a cold. But if these wipes are used then they would no more need to wash their hands in water unless they are eating with their own hands.

Key Features:

Made of extra soft pearl emboss spun lace fabric that doesn't tear off while using.

ISoft, gentle and effective.

Very convenient to carry in handbag and diaper bag.

Easy to clean baby after mealtime, playtime, while traveling, or during a diaper change.

Antibacterial properties to keep your baby sanitized all day, Compact packaging of the product makes it travel-friendly.

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