Heyday Natural Medium Baby Diapers (50 Diapers | 7-14 kg)

Rs. 2,079.00

Baby Diapers

Rs. 1,933.47

∙ Pillowy Soft Natural Baby Diapers
∙ Suitable For Baby Weight From 7 to 14 kgs
∙ Made from Plant Fibres with No Chemicals, Plastics or Toxins
∙ Easy Airflow without Rashes, Allergies, Skin Irritation, Redness
∙ 360* Biocomposite Absorber for Dry and Safe Protection
∙ Snug fit Pant Design with Stretchy Waist Band for Easy Movement
∙ Three Wetness Indicator Lines for Convenient Changes
(turns from yellow to blue every time the baby urinates)
∙ 2 Year Biodegradability: Dispose of with Household Waste or in Compost Pit

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