Size :
Rs. 390.00


  • Back pad is ergonomically designed to be a fulcrum for the four way pull.
  • Strong cotton straps padded with unique mounded pads designed for optimal cushioning,impart unmatched comfortable compression.
  • Cotton straps are held together by hook loop tapes and buckle which ensure wide flexibility in positioning of the brace on one hand and a strong fitting, on the other hand
  • Over conventional “Figure of Eight” bandage and other designs of Clavicle brace
  • Convenient to use & required less time to tie
  • No under arm rash
  • Smart,Sleek and well ventilated very well tolerated by the patient
  • Most comfortable in prone position as compared to other such braces
  • It is designed to app pressure on the clavicle bone & hold it together in case of clavicle bone fractures
  • Sometimes used I post operative cases of clavicular region to support the bandage & bind incision
  • For curing the problem of stooping shoulders & hump back.

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