Tips For Muscle Pain & Stress During WFH

Tips For Muscle Pain & Stress During WFH

Since the lockdown and WFH has started, Stress, Anxiety, and Muscle Pain have also been shown on the constant rise.


Readout to find if you are suffering from any of these issues.


  1. Neck & Back Pain Issues


As People are isolated in their houses and no place to go, they have found themselves attached to smartphones and laptops, and due to this, there is a rise in the screen times of everybody’s lifestyle of all age groups. Postural issues such as neck and back pains have begun to spring up during lockdowns and WFH. The causes can be anything from uncomfortable chairs or long hours of work.


Now, who said you can’t have the same comfort as your office’s chairs and provide the back & spinal support to your body as well?


These Memory Cushion Foam provides better alignment and posture, supports body weight in an equal distribution. They are also made from material that is soft, so people can sit on their chairs all day without worrying about their postures and stooping.



  1. Pain In Shoulders


A lot of people have also reported pain in their shoulders and neck, the cause according to the doctors is - the inflammation of the muscles that support the neck.


Doctors say that heat or cold compression can help prevent muscle stiffness and pain in the shoulders. Hot & Cold gel packs are good during work, they are affordable, soothing and you don’t have to put additional effort into them either. Using these simple first aids can get you relief from minor tissue injuries, muscular swellings, pain, etc. Just apply those handy gel packs whenever your muscles start to strain during work and you will notice your pain beginning to ebb away instantly.




  1. Regular Texting/Typing Resulting In Hand and Wrist Pains


You may have amazing typing skills of shooting off emails or typing updates, memos content on the go, but you must have also experienced wrist and hand joint pains every now and then. Flying across the keyboard in these symptoms can cause not only the loss of productivity but also the pain can become way worse than the original ones.


If the endless stream of typing across the keyboard day and night also giving you stress in the hand or wrist areas then consider these simple treatments:


  • You must adjust the chair sitting to keep your hands at a little lower position or whatever position your hands feel comfortable in.


  • Other tips for reducing pressure on the wrist nerves are by applying crepe bandages that are designed to offer firm support and appropriate warmth to the pain and injured area. It is also soft and skin-friendly so you can get relaxed movements while doing your work done without any pain or deterrence.




  1. Insomnia Due To Work Stress


WFH people have been increasing workload along with their responsibilities at their home. Irregular sleep, restlessness, or Insomnia has come into play as many are either tensed with their pressure or job insecurity.


  • The first tip is to inculcate healthy habits and stressbusters like yoga and meditation into your life.


  • The other is to find a pillow that is both soft and keeps your muscles relaxed so that you can sleep. A cervical pillow is the best option as it helpfully supports your neck, and soothes your muscles if they are strained from constant work giving you long hours of sleep.




Health and lifestyle of ours have acutely changed during Work From Home. It has increased the risk of developing back pain including activities or sitting in a posture that puts stress on our muscles and spine, and hence using these simple tips and products mentioned above can bring a little comfort to your WFH Lifestyle.

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