Importance Of Wearing Face Masks In Saving Lives

Importance Of Wearing Face Masks In Saving Lives

Face Masks have become an expression and symbol of fighting against SARS COV-2 a deadly virus that raged and sickened almost 40 million and killed at least 1 million people as of now.

For the general public, the reason for wearing a covering is to help protect others from you when you cough, wheeze, sneeze, or even by talking and spreading virus-infected droplets into the air.  Many people who become infected have unknowingly spread the COVID-19 virus to others because they have few or no symptoms.

So wearing a mask has become a mark of showing respect for others and it is our own way of helping lessen the spread of the deadly disease.

How Did The Idea Of Wearing Mask Generated?

Confidence in masks grew in June 2020 with news about two hairdressers in Missouri who tested positive for COVID-19. Both were sporting a double-layered cotton face mask or surgical mask while working. And although they were responsible for passing on the infection to members of their households, their clients seemed to have been spared.

Other hints of Face Maks Covering effectiveness emerged from mass gatherings such as the Black Lives Matter protests in US cities, where most attendees were seen wearing masks. The events of gatherings did not seem to trigger spikes in infections at all.

Another group of researchers closely looked at 200 countries, including Mongolia, which adopted mandate use of mask use in January and, as of May 2020, had recorded no deaths related to COVID-19. Another research looked at the effects of US state-government mandates for mask use in May. They estimated that those had significantly reduced COVID-19 cases by up to 2 percentage per day.

Are N-95 Masks More Effective Than Normal Masks?

N-95 masks belong to the top-tier of mask protection lists, as they are  95% effective at keeping the wearer free of inhaling viral particles.  These masks are best for front-line workers in settings that are of high-risk, where aerosols of viral particles are likely to occur. Surgical masks are generally less effective and cloth coverups even less so, in protecting the mask wearer. However, they are also important as something is better than not and even a 50% reduction in airborne particles is statistically important.

Masks wearing is not 100% effective but it certainly does decrease the impact of making everyone infected by it. Wear Mask and Save Lives with Mymedtek online medical store, we produce N-95 mask and other many healthcare pieces of equipment within your price range.